Storyboard by Monte Patterson for Fatelink’s upcoming film, Inside-Out, Outside-In

Welcome to Fatelink, an open source production company.

What does that mean? As we create content, we leave behind a map to empower others to create their own. Simply put – not only do we make movies and produce theatre, we publicly track our projects and catalog our own process through extensive blogging to provide insight into the creative journey for other artists and filmmakers. We learn the hard way, so we can empower you to create more effortlessly!

We currently have two projects in the pipeline – one in the distribution phase and one in the development phase – as well as four projects in our archives. Some are available for purchase online, but all offer clues on generating original content. We don’t charge for the lessons we learned. But if you find something helpful, please pass it along and support our films.

Check out our special series for November, 2017: 30 Days/30 Directors.