At a studio lot, you might hear, “It’s Transformers meets The Vow.”

At Sundance, you might hear, “It’s Little Miss Sunshine meets We Need to Talk About Kevin.  We’re approaching Michael Fasbender.”

At Hunter’s apartment, you might hear…Romeo the pug snoring…but also, “It’s All That Jazz meets Wings of the Dove plus meditation.”  Huh???

Seriously, Iain Softley’s Wings of the Dove has influenced me so much over the years and, indeed, is one of the two films I’m using as inspiration while developing my screenplay.  It includes terrific performances all around, a tight screenplay and a very memorable score.  Highly recommended!

Hunter Lee Hughes is a filmmaker living and working in Los Angeles and the founder of Fatelink, an open source production company. Our filmmaking blog charts the progress of each of our projects. If you enjoy the blog, please support our team by following us on Facebook, Twitter (@Fatelink) or Instagram (@Fatelink).

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