Through a ritual led by a Shaman, we time travel into the audience of seven public engagements of John Bradley spanning 10 years that unwittingly reveal his inner life...or do they?

From his efforts to save his father's church from an adultery scandal to his manipulation of a gay marriage debate for his own ends, John Bradley uses his appearances in public to create change in his private sphere. Intimate, spiritual spaces like 12-step meetings are fair game to exact revenge and performance art serves as a mea culpa. An entire life unfolds through only its public interactions. After all, in this day and age of reality television and social media, does privacy matter anymore? Or is the forwarding of our public agenda enough to satisfy the intimacy once felt in cozy environments free of the ubiquitous presence of an audience?

Written by Hunter Lee Hughes, The Sermons of John Bradley was workshopped at the Lex Theatre in Hollywood in 2008-2009, before a 4-week run at the theatre. It was revived by Highways Performance Space.

The original cast included: Hunter Lee Hughes as John Bradley, Mary T. Sala as The Shaman, Gavyn Michaels as Trevor and Elizabeth Gordon as Elizabeth. In the Highways run, the role of The Shaman was played by Camille Carida and Virsil Mitchell was added to the cast in the role of the Theater Manager.

For his role as John Bradley, Hunter Lee Hughes was named "Best Lead Actor - Drama" by for the 2008-2009 Season.


  • One-sheet, "The Sermons of John Bradley"
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