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Guys Reading Poems (feature film)


Inside-Out, Outside-In (feature film)


The Widower (feature film)


Dumbass Filmmakers! (internet television series)


Winner Takes All (short film)


The Sermons of John Bradley (stage play)


Fate of the Monarchs (play)


Fate of the Monarchs (feature film)


Mediation, Inc. (internet television series)


Untitled Musical (stage)


Untitled Tennis Project (feature film)


Untitled Boarding School Series (television)


Untitled Civil War Era Series (Television)

As an open source production company, we’re excited to share with you our progress on each and every project we’re developing. Part of our mission is to empower storytellers. Content creators face so many choices and opportunities….so many potential pitfalls, too. It’s not only easy to make mistakes. It’s inevitable. At Fatelink, we want our peers and our audience to be able to honestly appraise our work, and the process we used to get there. Sometimes, we make good decisions and manage to gain some insight into the chaotic world around us, but we also screw up, and make questionable or even bad calls. We’ve made it part of our mission to track it all…and leave behind a roadmap of our journey, for better or worse. That way, our audience benefits from our adventure as content creators, no matter the fate of one film, series or play. The old, elitist model of Hollywood was territorial, secretive and circumspect about the creative process. The old model told us that certain individuals were preternaturally gifted and could rise to a place within the stratosphere of Hollywood while the rest were “nobodies.”

We call B.S.

Creativity is for everyone. That’s not to say that some people aren’t more talented than others. But all of us can grow and develop our skills as content creators and improve our lives – and the lives of others – by writing a play or producing a webseries. Our model stresses an egalitarian heart, experimentation with form and the humanity of the content creators above their results.

Our project tracker not only provides our audience with information about the creative process, it also keeps us honest. It’s a weekly reminder to us that we need to move the numbers ahead and take steps towards completing a new work. By allowing our audience and stakeholders to see our progress, we hold ourselves responsible for the ideas we feel compelled to put into the world.

The top three projects are the ones we’re most actively pursuing right now, followed by our completed projects, then our projects “bubbling up.” Sometimes, the “bubbling up” ventures are at an earlier phase of the creative process, or they may be scripts we’ve sent to the back burner after struggling with them for awhile. We’ll update the project tracker once a month so you can follow along with us on how things are developing.

Below is a summary of our projects and how they did in November:

Guys Reading Poems – feature film – distribution phase (95%). As our feature film gets closer to its release across platforms in the first quarter of 2018, we made enough progress this month to take us from 91% to 95% complete. We organized our special features for the dvd/blu-ray release, including cast interviews, and transferred the director’s commentary files for inclusion on the discs. Just a few more steps…and our biggest project to date will be 100% complete. Hard to believe! We look forward to being able to announce our distribution details soon. In the meantime, read more about the journey of Guys Reading Poems.

Inside-Out, Outside-In – feature film – development/fundraising (10%) – Our new feature film follows a pair of star-crossed lovers as they navigate the corrupt landscape of Hollywood. We have a polished script that’s gone through three table reads, along with two major cast attachments, which we’ll announce early next year. This month, we largely treaded water with this film, but hope to have more news on its development soon! Read more about the journey of Inside-Out, Outside-In.

The Widower – feature film – development (5%) – This month, the most intense work accomplished was Hunter’s script polish of this new mystery-thriller script. The final product was submitted to a former CAA story analyst and met with VERY positive reaction. So far, all of the work stemming from Fatelink has been produced independently. The Widower is the first project for which we are targeting partnership with a larger independent entity or even a studio. For us, that’s a whole new world…and we have a lot to learn. But, as they say, it all starts with the script. Some real headway happened on that front this month!

Dumbass Filmmakers! – internet television series – (100%) – This internet television comedy series has been completed. You can watch the episodes on our YouTube channel or buy the director’s commentary of the first season on Vimeo. Or read our recap of what we learned making the show.

Winner Takes All – short film (100%) – This dark comedy short film is completed and was acquired for the Black Briefs collection. You can buy a copy on Vimeo and be sure to check out the director’s commentary by Camille Carida. Or check out our summary of what we learned making the film.

The Sermons of John Bradley – theatre (100%) – We developed, then ran The Sermons of John Bradley here in Los Angeles, with the play winning “Best Male Actor in a Drama” for the 2008-2009 Season by StageSceneLa.com. You can read about the show and see photos in our theatre section.

Fate of the Monarchs – theatre (100%) – Fate of the Monarchs was named a “Critic’s Pick” by Backstage West for one of three runs in the Los Angeles area and traveled to several out-of-town engagements in this story charting how the spiritual journey of five men mimicked the migration patterns of monarch butterflies. You can read about the show and see photos in our theatre section.

Fate of the Monarchs – feature film (5%) – Hunter’s feature film adaptation of Fate of the Monarchs. We’ve hosted several readings of the polished script, which is still one of Hunter’s favorites. However, we failed to get any traction for the funding of this film so are focused on other scripts at the moment.

Mediation, Inc. – web television series (3%) – Hunter’s new short-form web television series focused on the world of professional mediators. The pilot has been written. We’ll give it another percentage point once Hunter has the first six episodes written or some attachments from actors.

Untitled Musical – theatre (1%) – Hunter’s early stage idea for a musical. We’ll give it another percentage point once the outline is complete!

Untitled Tennis Project – feature film (1%) – Hunter’s early stage idea for a feature film diving into the world of professional tennis. We’ll give it another percentage point once the outline is complete and another point when the first rough draft of the pilot has been completed!

Untitled Boarding School Series – television (1%) – Hunter’s early stage idea for a television series that takes place at an international boarding school. We’ll give it another percentage point once the outline is complete and another point when the first rough draft of the pilot has been completed!

Untitled Civil War Era Series – television (1%) – Hunter’s early stage idea for a Civil War era series. We’ll give it another percentage point once the outline is complete and another point when the first rough draft of the pilot has been completed!

And….there may just be a new short film added to our list of projects in January!




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