Our mission is to create compelling stories and empower others to tell their own.

At Fatelink, we aim to be great storytellers rather than profiteers off escapist entertainment.  We believe in the organic development of the material, performances and visual aspects of a project as well as developing positive, long-term relationships with creative collaborators.

Stories are a gift from the unconscious.  So it’s important to stay as true as possible to how they are given to you.  We believe that the essence of the story and the quality of the talent must be prioritized above all other considerations.  To keep focused on what’s important in a film, television, theater or new media project, we believe in deriving the resources needed for productions from one of two ideal sources – the audience itself or individuals willing to become equity investors in an individual project.

Thank you for your interest in our company.  We hope you’ll sample our products and join us in creating a more conscious world through storytelling.

Hunter Lee Hughes
Founder, Fatelink

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